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However, unlike previous rumours, it will not be PlayStation 5-exclusive. But, a demo for it indeed is.

[E3 2021] Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: An Action RPG From Team Ninja [VIDEO]

However, unlike previous rumours, it will not…
Buckshot Software's game is going to launch soon in early access.

[E3 2021] Project Warlock II: Back For More [VIDEO]

Buckshot Software‘s game is going to launch…
The developers of The Occupation and Ether One now begin something new.

[E3 2021] Conway: Disappearance At Dahlia View: An Investigation Turns Into A Thriller [VIDEO]

The developers of The Occupation and Ether…
Contraband is a new Xbox IP, although at the moment there is a lot of mystery in what we can find in the video game.

[E3 2021] Contraband: cooperative open world game for Xbox Series X | S and PC…

Xbox Game Studios and Avalanche Studio present…
The authors of The Town of Light have presented a first video preview of Martha is Dead, a horror adventure for PC that proposes us to solve a chilling crime in Tuscany in 1944, in the middle of World War II.

Martha Is Dead: The Tale Of The White Lady [VIDEO]

LKA (the devs of the game) and…
A cinematic trailer with the game's graphics engine allowed us to see the first preview of Starfield: Bethesda's long-awaited RPG game.

[E3 2021] Starfield: Trailer and Release Date for the Xbox-Exclusive Space-RPG [VIDEO]

A cinematic trailer with the game’s graphics…
If only Ubisoft kept the game under... Quarantine, which was the previous subtitle for this Rainbow Six game before the coronavirus global pandemic hit us.

[E3 2021] Rainbow Six Extraction: A Deep Dive [VIDEO]

The new Rainbow Six game will allow…
Far Cry 6 - According to the leak, Far Cry 6 would come out in this generation, and would offer the update to PS5 for free.

[E3 2021] Far Cry 6: Play As Villains… For More Money [VIDEO]

Ubisoft revealed more of Far Cry 6,…
The game, which has been announced several years ago, was first showcased in a bit more detail at this year's E3.

[E3 2021] Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora: The Universe Expands With A New Story [VIDEO]

The game, which has been announced several…