Dark Souls II – Scholar of the First Sin trailer

This just in : Dark Souls II is getting a much deserved remake and will step into the next generational consoles. Not only that but this version of the game called Dark Souls IIScholar of the First Sin will contain all three DLCs, plus gameplay enchancements , new AI, new NPCs and bosses.


Those who already own Dark Souls 2 will be able to download a patch to receive all but a few of the enhanced version’s features namely: Graphical upgrade and the added multiplayer people per session.

The release is dated for 2015 April 3 for EU and 2015 April 7 for the US.

While I understand that upgrading Dark Souls II was the easiest choice. I  feel that a much needed remake, or upgrade would have been a better idea for the first game. As there is actually more cut content in that entry of the series. Hopefully one day such a move will be made by BandaiNamco.


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