Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War – 10 minutes of 100 years of war

Well Koei and Omega force decided to re-release its old 2007 game called Bladestorm: The Hundred Years’ War, however instead of the usual face-lifting operations in the graphics department. Instead they release it with a new game mode called Nightmare, online multiplayer straight from Akihiro Suzuki and Atsushi Miyauchi. Let’s see what these two fine gentlemen can offer for the PS3, PS4 and Xbox One.

Other than the usual HD remake, the game is same as the 2007 version, not turn based, but limited to 10 minute limits of battles, researching, exploring in the game. The story is based on historic events, with a few modifications. For instances Jeanne d’ Arc doesn’t die, and instead – but about that a bit later – Nightmare mode will be linked to her. So we’ll be part of Europe’s longest war, but not entirely one hundred percent accurate.



We can create our own character, a mercenary, who can be either male or female, green, purple skin, how much muscle is on the character, height / weight etc, and if you fight on the France or England’s side. The missions are from that point will be given from the selected side, completing them will earn us points, which we can spend for equipment. We can recruit units here, learn how to control them. In the beginning we’ll only have three types to control.


Swordsman, archers, and armored warriors, in total around 200 units. Later however you’ll be able to control more special units like lance, ninjas, and sorcerers. The different armies however have different strengths and weaknesses which creates a sort of rock-paper-scissors situation. So it’s not a good idea to attack an armored force with the same amount of mages. Usually the mission are about capturing and holding strategic points – towns, villages. After conquering these posts you can dominate the entire region, subduing the population there .


Nightmare in Gallia

In Nightmare mode we do not simulate the history as we wish, instead we are part of fiction, where Jeanne d’ Arc became evil and is now releasing hellish demons upon the Earth. Just like in the basic mode we can choose to be on her side or against her. In combat you’ll now have giants, dragons and demons to the armies. The visuals for the soldiers and the music theme is also different in this mode.


Control yourself and 200 more men.

Controlling the game is easy and will help you a lot. It will show which action can be done on the lower right corner, and which button can be pressed. Health, and special abilities bar on the lower left corner, and this is where the indicator for level and equipment is here. On the upper right is the map, and the position of enemy / friendly units.

The AI is not always on the height of things as our units can get stuck or think for a few seconds near walls or trees. This is not too advantageous during sieges. The movement to me seems to lineish, although it’s okay when so many units have to move unanimously. Weapon animation is really choppy and not good. Also after a time it will seem that the encounters are not really epic , and will become sort of monotone.


Reasons to look out for it:

+ You can reshape history.
+ Large battle grounds.
+ A full expansion set.

Not sure about:

– Graphics aren’t that good
– It can become monotonous
– Long term motivation

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