Sony Bend Hiring for New AAA Title for PlayStation 4

 GamaSutra just learned, that Bend Studio is hiring senior developers for an unknown big new project. PS Vita fans might know them for Uncharted: Golden Abyss, which raised expectations for the Vita’s performance ceiling. Others may know them as the studio that made the Syphon Filter series.



Now though, after over a year of preproduction, they’re rolling into full production on a big next-gen PlayStation 4 title using Unreal Engine 4, and are looking for console-ready veterans to fill out the team.

GamaSutra spoke to co-directors Christopher Reese (Technical Director) and John Garvin (Creative Director) to find out why Bend Studio may be one of the more appealing places to work in triple-A right now.


You can read the rest of the GamaSutra article here.

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