Could it be that Metal Gear Rising 2 is in the making?

Hideo Kojima was present at the Taipei Game Show this week, and during a special livestream on Twitch of PS4 games footage, an enigmatic image appeared for a split second.


At 2:46:40, during the audio countdown in the feed, the number “2” can be seen on screen in the same text and color as the logo of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a game that takes place in Kojima’s iconic Metal Gear universe. Considering the PS4 footage in the video feed (and the accompanying PS4 logo in the top left corner), if Metal Gear Rising 2 does exist, it’s logical to assume it’d be appearing on PS4.

Could Metal Gear Rising 2 be in the making? Stay tuned on PS4PRO for further details.

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