Yakuza 0 demo walkthrough – will it get localized?

When it was announced that Yakuza 5 will finally receive localization despite more than a year after the initial Japanese release, fans of the franchise definitely celebrated, despite the fact that the game will only be available in digital format, probably due to avoid losing money on physical discs’ production. It will be worth picking the game up (for PS3!), because it’s most certainly a test to see how much of a need actually is out there to keep the Yakuza games alive outside Japan, so in short: Yakuza 0’s localization depends on it.

The 1988 prequel to the story will be out in Japan on March 12 for PS4 and PS3, and we get to see a demo of it, running at 1080p/60fps. Looks great, hope to see the game out in Europe later on…

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