Sony is already beta testing the 2.50 PlayStation 4 firmware

Time is passing by and new firmwares are arriving quite regularly. Updating is always necessary – there’s always the potential of a few-percentage improvement in performance. The 2.50 firmware is bringing a feature that was already announced in 2013, when Sony has debuted the PlayStation 4. Back then, there were talks about suspending our apps and games. Now, the chance to continue everything after turning the PS4 just where we left is going to be possible – it’s already in the works according to a leaked image.


There’s also going to be other updates: you will be able to remove the games in which you didn’t reach a trophy, so those 0%-s will not be there in our results if you want this. Also, Share Play will receive 60 FPS support, but this will obviously require a much more faster internet connection. Release date is unknown as of now – but seeing how the beta test is going on, it might be out by the end of March… after all, beta testing means the completion percentage has to be quite high.

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  1. V_ says:

    Those 0% trophies are nice to go, but I would also like to
    get rid of my videos not uploaded to Facebook and taking space on my HDD!

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