Bloodborne: details about online multiplayer revealed

New infos have arrived from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan itself – what have they said about From Software’s PlayStation 4ir?t=p0559 21&l=ur2&o=2 exclusive? Well, first off, PS Plus will be required to use cooperative or PVP modes, but for downloading updates and Chalice Dungeons, it will not be needed. Speaking of updates, an almost obligatory day one patch will arrive. Souls’ bloodstains will return in the form of graves – touching them will reveal how that player has fallen in order to help us avoid doing the same mistakes. Phantoms will also make an appearance.


In Bloodborneir?t=p0559 21&l=ur2&o=2, up to three players will be able to play cooperatively, we can only play in the summoner’s (basically the host) match until we either defeat the boss, we get killed or the host ends up dead. Leaving temporarily will be possible thanks to Separating Shot. We will also receive automatically generated, up to 8 characters long passwords so we can actually play together without any strangers stepping in.


PVP will also resemble previous From Software titles – we can still be invaded, but if we want to take up that role, we will need to use the Ominous Resonant Bell, but the host can only get invaded if Bell Chiming Women were seen – they either appear by themselves, after the host starts a coop match, or after the usage of the Ominous Resonant Bell. The invader can only leave if he dies, the host dies, the host enters a bossfight room or uses a Separating Shot.

There’s going to be two types of Chalice Dungeons, normally created or randomly generated, both giving the opportunity to play either offline or online – random ones will require an internet connection to download them, and our own creations can be public and shared online.

That was long, but the wait itself won’t be – release date is on March 24. Get your wallets ready.

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