Respawn regrets not making the first Titanfall multiplatform

A few days ago, Respawn Entertainment has climbed back into the news by the simple thing of announcing the sequel to Titanfall, which will be a multiplatform title: it will be available on the PlayStation 4. The question might pop up right away: what about the first game, can this game get a port now that the original was released two years ago?


The answer is most likely not, but Respawn‘s CEO Vince Zampella and COO Dusty Welch has both said that Titanfall should have been a multiplat title in the first place. But the past should be left behind and look towards the future, we’re waiting for this sequel…

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  1. V_ says:

    Well, they can regret it now, lol, they missed a 20 million user base!

  2. Christie Alden says:

    Yes, it’s kind of pointless to whine now…

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