A „few” Mortal Kombat X videos

There’s not even one and a half week until NetherRealm Games‘ latest product’s release (for the PS4 version at least, as the PS3 one will be only out in the summer, giving another reason to switch to the PS4…?), so Mortal Kombat X is getting as much coverage as it’s humanly possible. So it’s not really big of a surprise to see no less than eight videos below, with Goro (pre-ordering gets him for free, otherwise DLC), a Kenshi-Mileena match, Johnnny Cage’s mime skin, Kenshi, his brutality, fatality and X-Ray, Sonya Blade and her brutality and the character selection screen. So you have quite a lot to see during the days of Easter…

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    Its awesome u doing great job

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