Another LEGO game, but now with a twist

LEGO videogame-fans will need a huge purse in order to get all the games out there, and it’s going to get worse as yet another one was announced. LEGO Dimensions will be out on September 29 on both the PlayStation 4 and PS3, but now, there’s going to be a twist included, despite the developers being the same group as usual (TT Games).

If you know Skylanders or Disney’s Infinity, then you can imagine what the LEGO adaptation of them will be… because Dimensions will be just like that. There’s going to be several things „LEGOized” from Back to the Future through Lord of the Rings to Ninjago. In the starter pack, you will get Batman, Gandalf and Wyldstyle along with the Batmobile, but other packs will be releasd throughout the year as well.

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