PS4 vs. Xbox One – a one-sided match in China as well

The PlayStation 4 is having an enormous lead on its newest market – namely, China – as well against the Xbox One. In fact, it has one of the biggest sales data, that is rare to see. Despite Microsoft having had the Xbox One out in China for eight months, it only managed to sell 73 thousand units – this amount was sold in one month for the PS4, effectively catching up to the Xbox One in no time.


Despite the more expensive price, PS4 has two bundled games (King of Wushu and Mr. Pumpkin Adventure), both aimed at the Chinese market. The people can get more than the officially released six games from either Hong Kong or the black market, thanks to the PS4’s lack of region lock.

Don’t be surprised, if Sony will announce its millionth PS4 sold in China later this year…

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