[UPDATED!] The Fallout 4 trailer is finally here!!!


UPDATE: Here’s the long awaited Fallout 4 video!

Bethesda wasn’t lying, because they really announced Fallout 4, which didn’t just get a small teaser trailer, as is the case was with DOOM. Bethesda Game Studios is developing the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The story will take us to Boston, where a nuclear bomb will explode, and the date should be somewhere around the 40’s or 50’s, going by the cars on the streets.

The video also shows a canine companion, who eventually runs to the owner, who is most likely the hero of the game… E3 will have more information for us, as well as the pre-E3 briefing on June 14, 7 PM PST. Prepare your Pip-boys, this is going to be a rough ride…

Bethesda is FINALLY getting to a point to put up a countdown clock for Fallout 4, that is eagerly awaited by many players across the globe. It’s interesting to see that it won’t be announced on the E3, instead, they won’t wait two more weeks for that…


The question is: why? Will we just see another teaser trailer, as seen with DOOM? We’ll find it out in the afternoon. The countdown clock is straight out ripped from the first game in the series

Can’t wait!

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  1. Avatar rebel83 says:

    Why did you slap a fallout 4 logo on STALKER`s concept art?

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