[E3 2015] Four games by Devolver Digital! [VIDEO]

No less than four games have been mentioned by Devolver Digital during Sony‘s E3 press conference. Ronin is going to be a 2D RPG, in which our hero (?) will be a helmet wearing assassin. The combat is going to be turn-based. Looks intreresting, it does have style, to be honest.
EITR sounds weird, but it’s a game being inspired by Norse mythology – somehow the combat feels like it’s inspired by Bloodborne or the Souls games. Ambience is great and the music is cool as well. Retro, isometric view, in 2016!

Mother Russia Bleeds is in an alternatve Soviet Union in the eighties. We can beat up the faces of many interesting characters, and we can even enjoy the game with three friends too. This game will also be out in 2016 on PS4 and PC – this applies to the aforementioned EITR too.

Crossing Souls combines puzzles with action, with a tint of Saturday mornings’ cartoons. There’s going to be very… interesting teammates in our party, we can even expect a caveman later on. Let’s face it: Devolver is going against the trends…

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