For Honor – To Arms!

PREVIEW – Soon, maybe this year Ubisoft is entering new grounds in terms of video game genres with For Honor. At first this new IP seems really bizarre, as Vikings, vs Samurai vs Knights is the main theme, with online multiplayer experience. There has not been such a similar game, well maybe Deadliest Warriors was something of that kind but we all know that turned out to be horrible. Anyway let us see what For Honor brings to the table.


Ubisoft Montreal did not start yesterday. The main company’s subsidiary has been developing games since 1997. They have been responsible for such gems as the Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six, Far Cry, and Assassin’s Creed series. We are very glad that they have provided us with such fun experiences, and there is not a gamer who does not love either of those franchises.


New formula

As Montreal has been trying to get on the AAA development map, they have been releasing constant big budget titles, so they can allow themselves to create a new IP. This new IP is For Honor this time, it looks spectacular, and a fresh new idea on the genres. The development, and publisher is just pulling the gamers mind with this game as we barely know anything as of yet. What do we know of the game currently? Well it has three factions, knights, Vikings and samurais. They fight against each other for different objectives.


Our forces are in combat

Ubisoft only showed a quick gameplay video at E3 where Knights and Samurais battled each other in a capture the flag type of game mode. At first nothing that special, the two armies clash, huge massacre, and a really intense battlefield. However during the takeover of a tower For Honor’s battle system is revealed and puts the game in a whole new perspective.


The art of combat

Hopefully it was an accident that the more extensive sword combat only appeared when another player was the enemy. Against NPCs shown in this alpha we did not see anything else just random hack and slash combat. However the art of combat system is a really neat and easy solution for a semi-complex system. When two enemies face each other, on the screen three directions will appear (up, left, right). These show the possible attack, and defenses direction that can be controlled with the right stick. The duel is great and bombastic, also it ends with a fatality (ala Mortal Kombat)


Points, points everywhere

The objective is not just measured in blood, but in points. Every tiny movements can provide the player with more points, where that is killing NPCs (earns 1 points), killing a real player (150 points) , or taking over control points (150 points, plus 1 points per second).

During the battle we can also level up, which provides with special abilities. Not much is provided in terms of actual skills, only that some will allow a rain of arrows to a certain location, and catapult strikes. No other additional special abilities have been revealed.

The game is won by the team that gets the most points, ergo killing the enemy and conquering the points. Of course this is only just one mode and many more will be revealed later by the development team.



For Honor is shaping up to be a great game even though not much is known about it. The genre changes, and the ideas might be worth for us to purchase. The release date, future game modes, and the singleplayer mode will be revealed later. However by the looks of the preview, Montreal will provide us with hours upon hours of fun with For Honor.

– Dazo911 –

Will it be honorable?

+ New IP
+ Great for those that love NPCs
+ The art of combat system

Or dishonorable?

– Will it sell well enough?
– Can you use art of combat against NPCS?
– How much content will be there?

Publisher: Ubisoft

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Genres:  hack’n’slash

Publication: TBA

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