Ubisoft: The PS4 generated more revenue than the two Xbox platforms combined!

Ubisoft has shared an interesting list of importation about their financial report of the previous quarter year (Q1 2015 – financial year starts on April 1!). They published the revenue share for the platforms, and the PlayStation 4 is the leader, taking 27% out of the pie. Surprisingly, the second place was picked up by the PC – the French company got 23% from this platform, which is a nice boost from last year’s Q1 14% result.


The third place is pretty much shared by three platforms: the PlayStation 3, the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 all got 11 percent respectively. The One finished behind the 360 despite having AC: Unity (Although the 360 had Rogue, and we think this game is better.). The Wii and the Wii U got 3% together, 1% up from last year – not surprising, as Ubisoft pretty much only releases Just Dance on the Nintendo platforms nowadays.

The remaining 14% was not detailed, it’s most likely shared between the 3DS, the Vita and the mobile platforms. Can we see similar information by other publishers too?

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