Batman: Arkham Knight’s PlayStation 4 bundle was insanely successful!

Six digit amount – yesterday, a user named creamsugar on the NeoGAF forums has taken time to count, how many PlayStation 4s were sold in the form of the Batman: Arkham Knight bundle. The result was amazing: 121 thousand (!!!) bundles were sold, so Batman really pushed the sales for Sony. With this result, unsurprisingly, this has become the most successful PlayStation 4 bundle, but Big Boss might kick Batman down from the throne in September with the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain bundle.

Arkham Knight also turned out to be the most successful Arkham game in the series, so it also performed better than City in the end of 2011, despite the PC version getting recalled very shortly after release due to being in an awful state.
With this, Sony, Warner Bros. and Rocksteady have proven that bundles have a good point – more consoles can be sold, more purchasers can step into gaming, or they can switch console generations, if they get a game for their PS4 that is interesting to them!

Batman Arkham Knight was bad

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