Until Dawn – This is how Heavy Rain was an inspiration [VIDEO]

It might be a bit of an exaggaration, but there’s actually a tie between Heavy Rain and Until Dawn: the Butterfly Effect is pretty much the same thing as seen on the PS3 five years ago (and soon on the PS4 as well, because Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls will receive a current-gen port soon). We will have several actions to choose from and these will have an effect on the storyline and the survivors as well.

There will be several thousand variations to play the game through, and of course, our dialogues will also have multiple options – one comment might make us look like a jerk and another one might end up with having a good conversation with the other character we’re talking to. The results might be seen in either five minutes, or in the very end of the game – you may never know what your moves will result in the game. One can survive the night and one might die…
Replayability will definitely be one of the huge positives of Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn, but the story will be the biggest questionable thing. We’ll see in the end of August, that’s when this PlayStation 4-exclusive game will be released.

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