DICE announced another new game mode for Star Wars Battlefront

DICE takes Star Wars Battlefront really seriously (this is no surprise, given the fact that Electronic Arts set a high sales bar for the game – this is the least the devs can do…), because they announced another game mode for the multiplayer-only game, which is going to be out in the middle of November.

Supremacy isn’t small, and we mean it literally: the maps will be huge, and each will have five control points. The goal is to either capture all five or control more in the end of the ten-minute session. In the beginning of the match, each team will have control of two control points and the first goal is to capture the fifth, unoccupied one. Then, the points have to be captured in a set order for each team. Both teams will have a different point to go for, which can cause some excitement in a 20v20 battle, unless the team isn’t working together, because in that case, it’d be more of a frustration…


This game mode really reminds us of Unreal Tournament’s Domination mode, but if you copy from a good thing and get a good result in the end, it shouldn’t be a problem – we’ll see the results of DICE‘s efforts in November.

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  1. Nelly Sullivan says:

    Its gonna be legen…”wait for it”… You know what I mean…

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