Zombi – Once upon a time… [PS Plus]

REVIEW – When this game was released for the Wii U – and used all of its capabilities – the Nintendo fans could use the consoles control to its fullest, and we were jealous. However that jealousy started to fade once the game actually released, and unlike the press shows, the game did not really push the console to its limits, plus the game did not turn out to be a success as it was initial though it would be.

Of course the issue was not with the concept, in fact that was superb. We received a zombie horror game, where we do not run and gun zombies, and instead got a program that wanted to frighten us. How much this actually worked we will talk about later. However we must note that Zombi U’s one advertised feature was not the game itself but the control method. The small screen on the Wii U tablet really added to the experience to the basic zombie shooter game.


Shit hits the fan

What do us, earthly mortals get who did not decide to invest in the Wii U, and its weak launch titles? Well yes it seems that due to the poor launch of the Wii U the developers decided to release their games to all other platforms as a form of damage control. Such moves are never cost efficient or profitable most of the times, and playing this game is especially true.
Even if we ignore the most annoying problems in this “dumbed down” version, we still have the problems that have been there since the release of ZombiU. Let’s see the issues with the base game from top to bottom, and see what they are the issues with the port.

1. The Story: If you seen horror movies, then you seen Zombi. In this game we see all of the clichés of a zombie movie showed into one game. It is certain that the team at Nintendo was not going for quality storyline but instead were focusing on finishing the game quickly.

2. Clunky combat system: In ZombiU melee combat was forced upon the player, however the system is really bad, and the most impatient gamer can get really pissed off with this system.

3. Lack of firearms: When we were shown in the preview videos that the Wii U users got to have a sniper rifle, we were all waiting to get awesome gear, so that we also get to slay zombies quickly. However unfortunately the game rarely provides us with the opportunity to use firearms… This is not what we were promised!!


Swimming in…

Well now that we gone through the three most annoying points of the game (this issues are also on the Wii U version), lets talk about what Zombi pisses us off on the PS4, PC and maybe on the Xbox One. Before we would get right down to it I would just like to mention for the fanboys that: For those that care about our opinion will probably stay away from the game, but for those who already got the game, there are some positives (There are some but not too many).

1. As much as it will sound dumb, this game is good on the TV. I was able to see the PC version compared to a PS4 version running on a TV, and the icons become hidden on a small pc screen. If you need something you’ll be definitely looking for it for a few seconds, and depending on a situation where 3-4 zombies want to kill you, is not a friendly way to design the inventory system. Of course the console players won’t have this problem since they have a huge screen to look at.

2. It is suicide to touch the inventory!! No! Do not touch it! As if we run out of melee or firearms we have to check in our inventory for the next weapon, so that we can continue fighting. However we will have a tough time as here we do not have a controller to manage that screen. Which results in the game plastering the item screen to the middle of the tv screen, and we won’t be able to look at the background. Ergo we’ll become blind against zombies when trying to use the inventory screen, unless the zombies interrupt us!



+ Dark location
+ Scary Atmosphere
+ Zombies!


– Annoying combat system
– Horrible story
– Suicidal Inventory


Publisher: Ubisoft Montpellier

Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier

Genres: Survivor-horror

Publication: Aug.18.2015


Graphics - 8
Music/Sound - 7
Replayability - 4
Controls - 4
Atmoshpere - 6



I remember the night when the WiiU was announced. I was in front of my PC past midnight, and the stage lights flickered. The CEO of Nintendo accounted the console, and its launch titles the Nintendo Wii U exclusive ZombieU which dazzled everyone. It looked great, promised really scary stuff (which it was for the first 20 minutes), and the new features were really cool. However the break came after release. When we take away the new generation controller, and break the game down to its bare minimum we basically get a bad horror game full of clichés with terrible melee combat, and lack of firearms to use. While Nintendo Wii U failed, did the developers really think they could sell it on other platforms with cut content? My friends do we really need such an annoying and bad game?

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