CoD eSports? Activision is pulling this off

eSports nowadays is very strong and popular, especially because of League of Legends and Dota 2. Call of Duty wants to jump into this competitive scene, and this is why Activision have created the Call of Duty World League, which will give the more casual players a chance too to participate in the world championship.

The World Leage will have two divisions: Pro and Challenge – Pro will start its matches in early 2016, and the winner team of Challenge will have a chance to get out to the World Championship, which will be held in Fall 2016. The prize pool is over three million US dollars throughout the events, which is not bad, to be honest.

So now, it is sure that Activision will try to make the console eSports scene competitive as much as possible, and with the help of the annually released Call of Duty games and their popularity, they might end up pulling it off in the end. „Money is such a beautiful word, I know, I know…”

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