Assassin’s Creed movie: Jeremy Irons joins the cast!

We earlier wrote about the existence of an Assassin’s Creed movie (you can read about that here), and now the time has come to talk about it again – maybe, the work-in-progress movie just took a step in the right direction to not be an unwatchable, boring movie in the end. Why? New actors have joined the cast of the movie…

According to the informations of Deadline, Jeremy Irons (Swann’s Love, Die Hard: With a Vengeance) and Brendan Gleeson (Edge of Tomorrow, Gangs of New York, Braveheart, etc) have both joined the cast of Assassin’s Creed. So that makes it an amount of four confirmed actors, as we already knew about Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard’s work – Gleeson will be Fassbender’s, while Irons will be Cotillard’s father in the movie, respectively. Also, if we can believe the rumours, Denis Menochet (Inglorious Basterds) and Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire) is also already involved.

Let’s hope that the quality cast will result in a quality movie – the movie will debut on December 21, 2016, we’ll see then.

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