Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: Launch is delayed!

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst received a significant delay, so DICE‘s game won’t be out in the originally planned end-February timeframe on none of the platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC). Until then, Faith can practice some parkouring, because this is one of the major points of Mirror’s Edge: moving across on top of buildings in a first-person perspective.

She will have a lot of time for that, because Catalyst’s release was pushed back by a whole quarter year, so the US release date is now set to May 24, followed by the May 27 launch in Europe. According to the game’s senior producer’s statement, it’s the usual reasoning (better experience, making it memorable, and so forth), so we wouldn’t tire our readers with that.

At least the expensive Collector’s Edition – you can see what it contains here – will have enough copies made. The three month delay will hopefully give DICE more time for a polished game, because Star Wars Battlefront is going to be out in November by them, and after that, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst would have been too early in its original release date.

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