A System Shock remake is being developed by Night Dive

System Shock was a great game two decades ago. It looks like it’s going to get a modernized version in the future – no, we are not talkng about the Enhanced Edition, but a full fledged remake is being developed by Night Dive Studios, the same team responsible for the Enhanced Edition.

Night Dive’s CEO and founder Stephen Kick has given an interview to Fast Company. He talked about his plans too: he’s actually working together with the original game’s concept artist Robert Waters. Night Dive acquired the license of the System Shock franchise earlier, so they could simply pull a third title off if they wanted to, but it’s not their priority. They will probably decide about that after releasing the „2016” System Shock and wait how this sells.

Seeing how Night Dive plans to release this remake as a multiplatform title, we can expect it to show up on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too. We would appreciate that. If Robert Waters’ style will be clearly present in the remake, the ambience will be given to Night Dive to succeed. As Bubsy said – annoyingly – several times, what could possibly go wrong?

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