DiRT Rally – 60 frames per second on consoles

DiRT Rally‘s version number stepped into the 1.x territories, so the game was put out of Early Access and into the Store proper. That doesn’t stop Codemasters from constantly improving the game, though. They officially announced the PlayStation 4/Xbox One ports as well, when the game got „finished”. There was a question almost immediately about it: will the game run on 60 frames per second?

Darren Hayward, the senior game designer on DiRT games, responded to this on Twitter. Yes, DiRT Rally will run on 60 FPS, which is really important for a rally simulator like this game is. There was another question aimed at him as well – it’s about the resolution. Unfortunately, Hayward wasn’t able to respond to it; he just said „High”. We can guess where this is going: Codemasters is willing to give up a higher resolution to keep the framerate as high as possible.

If we had to guess, DiRT Rally‘s PlayStation 4 port would run on 1080p and the Xbox One version will run on 900p. This was seen multiple times earlier this year, but maybe Codemasters can prove us wrong!

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