Star Wars Battlefront – You won’t be Kylo Renn!

If you want to play as Kylo Renn in Battlefront, prepare to be disappointed – DICE won’t make this happen! Star Wars Battlefront – which launched in November – mainly takes ideas and characters from the IV-VI movies. Why? Simple, yet worrying answer incoming: because of the contract with Disney… so this isn’t the developers’ fault. Still, Electronic Arts will eventually make games based on the new trilogy, so eventually, we will get to control Kylo Renn. (But not in 2017, if we can believe the Imperial Commando rumors.)

Let’s take a look at Battlefront‘s results, too. We were worried that Electronic Arts‘ expectations will be nigh impossible to overcome, but DICE‘s game succeeded. Previously, analysts said that Battlefront cracked that 13-million expectation, and now, the publishers themselves announced this.

If we add that the PlayStation 4 bundles sold a million, it’s more impressive. There were two bundles: the basic bundle with the game and the limited, Darth Vader-painted PS4. With a third-party game, it’s an outstanding result.

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