Heavy Rain PS4: Will get a disc release, but not everywhere!

Quantic Dream‘s PS3-exclusive games, Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain, will be out on PlayStation 4 shortly in disc format. Beyond has been out digitally since the end of November but Heavy Rain isn’t out yet, although its release date is just a few weeks away.

The North American region is out of luck: David Cage’s games will not receive a physical release. Europeans are in for a treat, though: this region can get the game on Blu-ray from March 2. The name is a little dumb: it’s called Heavy Rain & Beyond Two Souls Collection – it’s not a memorable name, to say the least. Heavy Rain will cost 10 euros/dollars separately as a digital download, and the disc release will cost 40 euros in Europe.

After this, David Cage and co can begin a full assault on Detroit: Become Human. This PlayStation 4-exclusive title was announced last year, and it seems very promising. Don’t forget that it originated in a PS3 tech demo called Kara.


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