When Will Season Three Of The Walking Dead Launch?

While Telltale is keeping multiple marshmallows into the fire (Batman series, anyone?), one certain project is missing from their line-up. While we’re just a week away from the second episode of The Walking Dead Michonne, the third season is nowhere to be found. However…

Telltale confirmed something. It will come! In fact, the third season will launch in 2016! The bomb exploded. How will the story continue? We’ll have to wait for that to find it out, although it’d be a missed chance for Telltale if they wouldn’t consider implementing THAT decision we had to do at the end of the second season. We still shiver remembering the last thirty minutes of the finale…

Telltale‘s CEO, Kevin Bruner talked to Mashable, and he brought up that they will have an „unexpected” approach to import all our decisions from both seasons (interesting; season one had no cloud function…). They will try to do their best to import the save files, especially because many people have jumped a console generation since Clementine’s adventures.

Not bad, Telltale. Until then, we’ll make do with Michonne. (Maybe.)

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