Dark Souls III: English Version Before Street Date!? [VIDEO]

Yesterday, information about Dark Souls III started to pour in. Let’s start with DigitalFoundry’s analysis about the Xbox One version of From Software’s game.

The game launched today in Japan, although we have to wait until April 12 until the official English release. (Or not? We’ll get back to that later.) The Xbox One port of the game runs on 900p while the PlayStation 4 version has a 1080p resolution. The framerate isn’t always a stable thirty frames per second; it drops to the twenties quite often. The engine is from Bloodborne, so technically, Dark Souls III differs quite a lot from the second one.

Speaking of releases, there’s another Dark Souls item available. Dark Souls tea. We did write tea there: Bandai Namco has teamed up with Yorkshire Tea to create a one-of-a-kind box of tea with eighty filters. You can get it by bidding on eBay – the highest bid so far is at 230 British Pounds, around 325 US Dollars. Bandai Namco will give the money away in charity to SpecialEffect. It is an organisation dedicated to using technology to help disabled people play video games. Too bad the tea itself is just regular Yorkshire tea, the flavor isn’t different at all…


But wait, do we really have to wait until April 12 to play the full English game? Apparently, no: Microsoft made a small (?) mistake. Buying the game on the Xbox Live now doesn’t give you the Japanese version of Dark Souls III, but the English one! However… it is not advised to stream and upload clips of it to YouTube, as the street date gets broken and the embargo is strictly kept in place by Bandai Namco and From Software.

You can see the two pictures of the step-by-step description below the article. The first one is bidguy on NeoGAF; the second one is calebkeith on Reddit.

Microsoft doesn’t condone importing the games, so they don’t care. The publisher and the developer will probably make the necessary steps, though.

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