Bioware’s Founder Has His Very Own Opinion Of The PS4K!

We have heard multiple times that Sony is silently preparing an upgraded PlayStation 4 as well as Microsoft likely to follow suit despite Phil Spencer (head of the Xbox division) saying otherwise. The „upgrade” approach was commented by Bioware‘s founder.

Greg Zeschuk was one of the founders of Bioware. He retired recently – his company worked on mostly Dragon Age and Mass Effect games in the past decade. He says that it would be a major headache if developers would have to develop the same game for two different specifications (remember, the PS4K would support Ultra HD resolution, but the PS4 is only full HD!).

He added that it would be a „gigantic pain in the ass” – he mentioned the first Xbox as an example. Microsoft‘s entry into the console market had multiple DVD drives, and that resulted in different performance. Zeschuk stated that having a fixed specification makes the devs’ work easier as they would know the limitations in which they have to stay. Changing mid-generation wouldn’t be a smart idea.

„I don’t think they can pull an Apple and get you to upgrade mid-cycle.” His comments are understandable, aren’t they?

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