Here’s Suda51’s „New” Game! [VIDEO]

Does Suda51‘s name remind you of something? No? Let us name a few games that Goichi Suda worked on. Killer 7. No More Heroes. Shadows of the Damned. Lily Bergamo… hold on, that’s the game we’re talking about. Grasshopper Manufacture is preparing their „new” PlayStation 4 game for the upcoming PAX event.

Let It Die! This is the game’s title. This brawler will be out by the end of this year. We could label it as a crazy survival action game, which will also be an asynchronous free-to-play title! Enemies in Let it Die will use other players’ data (which accounts for the asynchronous online part). Players will be able to take a defeated enemy’s weapons and clothes to customize their character. The traditional Grasshopper-style narrative and visuals will be present if we can believe the devs.

Let It Die will be first Grasshopper game since them being bought by GungHo Online Entertainment. Let’s hope that Lily Bergamo aka Let It Die will finally be out without any delays…

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