BREAKING NEWS! Lizard Squad Strikes Again

Lizard Squad – who we could „thank” the attack on both the PSN and Xbox Live in the past – struck again. They didn’t attack a service that most of us used, but still, a DDoS attack is a DDoS attack.

Blizzard got hit and they got hit hard. If you wanted to play World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2, you probably encountered some server issues earlier today. This is why – they are slowly coming back to life at the moment.


Although no official reason was given, it’s likely that Lizard Squad struck in revenge after Blizzard closing down a private WOW server called Nostalrius. Nostalrius was effectively a „vanilla WOW” server, allowing the players to play World of Warcraft in its original state from over a decade ago. It had over 800.000 (!) subscribers – 150.000 of them played the vanilla WOW.
Nobody is safe.

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