We may have FINALLY a true AAA title for PS Plus May?

Sony will have to announce what free games will the PlayStation Plus subscribers receive shortly in May. It seems like those who pay to play online on PlayStation 4 might finally get a significant game on PS4 and not on PS3!

The image below is German, but that is not important. Take a look at the two – possible – PlayStation Plus games for May. Tetris Ultimate for PS4 and PS Vita? Watch Dogs for PS4?!


Wow. It seems that two years after its release, Sony might give us a triple-A Ubisoft title for free. That is not a common sight. While Watch Dogs isn’t that great of a game (perhaps its sequel that was already confirmed and will take its place this year as there’s no Assassin’s Creed for 2016), but this is still better than nothing.

Hopefully, Sony will confirm these games. Until they do, take this with a big grain of salt. If they announce the lineup, we will get to it. Until then, we are surprised.


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