What will Sony Announce At E3? Isn’t It the Sequel of „That” Game?

It seems that the next E3 will not leave us without a Naughty Dog announcement. The rumors are about them yet again: there is a chance that The Last Of Us 2 would be the devs’ next game! (Meanwhile, we wait for Uncharted 4 that was stolen in the UK and these copies are being sold on eBay for multiple times the original price.)

We have to point it out again: this is not official! Anyway, Proven Gamer has said that The Last Of Us 2 (which might be called Days Gone – this name was trademarked by Sony in January) would arrive in 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR with Joel and Ellie. We have no idea whether they would be protagonists again or not.

If Days Gone (or The Last Of Us 2?) would indeed launch in 2018, wouldn’t it make more sense to develop for a newer platform? Although we have to point out that the first installment came barely half a year before the launch of the PS4 in 2013…

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