We Don’t Have to Wait Much More for the Battlefield 5 Reveal!

We have heard multiple rumors about the new Battlefield installment. Eastern Front, possible details about the DLCs (including one that is called Future Warfare, hm…), then we also heard that it’s going to be set in North America with a female protagonist. We can’t follow all these rumors about DICE‘s shooter.

Electronic Arts decided to shut all of us up, and officially announce everything about the upcoming FPS. They started a countdown on this website, which will reach 0 on May 6, 4 PM EST. This is when we can get to take a look at the future of Battlefield. Honestly, what else can it mean other than Battlefield 5 getting revealed? The image below is from AllGamesDelta – it not only mentions a world premiere, but it also talks about extra details showed at a party, as well as a panel with the developers.

Which rumors will be right in the end? The one about the Eastern Front shortly? The one in North America where we fight rebels as well as the weather? We’ll see in a week, folks.


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