Electronic Arts Works On Creating Virtual Humans

Virtual reality has been an important topic in gaming recently. Electronic Arts thinks more about the future, though. They formed a new, internal team that is dedicated to exploring the trends of tomorrow. Their bases are in Stockholm and Vancouver.

They are called Frostbite Labs, and they have around thirty to forty people according to the EA CEO, Patrick Soderlund. Frostbite Labs is working on longer-term projects; don’t expect to see them out at the E3 this year!

Frostbite has three areas of exploration: virtual humans for VR devices, VR/AR, and deep learning. For example, a newer iteration of Frostbite Engine would provide the developer a basic concept of a map after telling it the time of day or year. This way, there would be no need for a conceptual designer, and devs would have more time to work on their gameplay ideas instead.

In the end, we might see something similar to Halo’s Cortana by Electronic Arts, but let’s hope we don’t have to pay 5 dollars per dialogue as DLC! (Instead, EA might do Battlefield Remastered if enough people wants it…)

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