Small, Blue, Fast, And It Might Get A New Game. What Is It?

Here’s a character who quickly become the „face” of a company. However, he had to leave said company behind, but he ended up in one of the biggest gaming flops of the 2010s. It will be mighty hard for him to recover.

We’re talking about Sonic, of course. The hedgehog broke into the SEGA MegaDrive/Genesis back in 1991, and he quickly became the figure that people related to SEGA with, just like how Nintendo=Mario. After the death of Dreamcast, he showed up on other consoles, eventually also visiting the old rival Nintendo‘s platforms. In 2014, Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric has become one of the worst games recently on the Wii U. You can find multiple glitch videos on YouTube!

Despite the past, there’s a strong chance that Sonic is going to get a new game. Its official Twitter account (which is humorous!) said that they (SEGA?) are up to something good. Seeing how Sonic turned 25 this year, there might be a new game in development. At the end of 2006, at the 15th anniversary, he got a game on the PS3/X360, although that was another terrible title, albeit due to being rushed out to the Holiday season.

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