Off Steam – Is It The End For Dead Island 2?!

We might have to bid adieu to Dead Island 2, which has been in development hell for a while now.

So far, this is the story of the game’s development: after the first installment, Techland created Riptide, then they left to work on Dying Light. Then, Deep Silver handed over the keys to Yager of Spec Ops: The Line fame… until they kicked the team out in July. In March, the publisher revealed that Sumo Digital, the devs behind Little Big Planet 3, has been working on the troubled game. Or maybe not anymore?

Dead Island 2, announced at E3 2014, disappeared from Steam, although it is still present in its database (here).

Either the game will have a different name, or it’s the end of the line for the title. As nor the publisher, neither the developer has said a word about the game, we can only guess what’s going on with Dead Island 2!

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