Nintendo NX: Production Delayed Because Of VR?

While it’s official that the new Nintendo console will launch in March 2017, the big N might be in trouble keeping up with that deadline.

To have enough consoles ready to be sold, you have to prepare with manufacturing before you launch, so that the demand can be mostly fulfilled. However, another rumor is floating around that might make the NX a little more promising. That would be virtual reality.

According to Digitimes, Foxconn won’t start manufacturing in mid-2016, but early 2017. Nintendo wants to use the extra time to add a few more functionalities into the NX, including improving the mobile gaming experience and virtual reality. According to rumors, we would be able to play anywhere without the need of a TV.

Instead of 20 million consoles, Nintendo requested only 9.5-10 million to be manufactured. We’ll see at the Tokyo Game Show what this fuss is all about; if Nintendo doesn’t reveal the new console at the E3, they will do it at a local gaming convention.

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