Big PS2/PS4 Final Fantasy XII Comparison! [VIDEO]

We found a comparison video which puts the original PlayStation 2 version of Final Fantasy XII next to the upcoming PS4 remaster, The Zodiac Age‘s announcement trailer.

Square Enix has just recently shown off the latest Final Fantasy installment that receives a current console generation port. Many fans consider Final Fantasy XII one of the best games in the series. While the gameplay differences weren’t shown by Cycu1’s video, the cutscenes were perfectly put side by side, and it allows us to see how much have we come forward from the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 4. Mind you; there’s still some improvement on the cards as this is just a work in progress build of The Zodiac Age!

We’re going to hear more about Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age at E3. It’s probably going to stay as a PlayStation 4-exclusive with a 2017 release date.

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