UPDATE – Mark Your Calendars, Dragon Ball Fans: Xenoverse 2 Exact Release Date Revealed [VIDEO]

UPDATE: Dragon Ball continues its fighting in an almost epic fashion, but only on current-gen platforms.

Xenoverse 2, which seems to be inspired by Back to the Future with timelines colliding and the events changing all around us, will launch on October 25 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, followed by a PC release on October 28. The soundtrack will be handled by Steve Aoki – this DJ has done some crazy things during his gigs. The first video shows Broly, Janemba, Thales, Cooler, Slug, Baddack, Vegeto and much more, while the second one shows how a custom character kicks Goku’s ass.

Time to be Super Saiyan 3.

ORIGINAL: Bandai Namco wasn’t joking around; they indeed talked a lot about the new Dragon Ball game at E3.

Going by the gameplay video, Xenoverse 2 doesn’t seem to be a true sequel. It’s more like 1.5, not 2. Still, going by the promises, it will look more close to the original Dragon Ball series, and the online hub will support over three hundred players simultaneously. The game will receive updates for a year after release, and yes, there will be both DLCs and free content updates. The target is brave: sixty frames per second on all three platforms!

The game will include the movies and specials although in a different aspect – the devs do not know yet if they will also include the Super series or not. The items will be random after successful battles, but we can also bring them from the first game. (The story of Xenoverse 2 will be set years after the Xeno 1.) We can choose between the Japanese and English voice acting, and we will also receive more detailed backgrounds and visual effects.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 will be out this autumn on PS4, X1, and PC.

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