Here’s The Baby From Kojima’s New Game

Norman Reedus – or, the character he acted as in the trailer, at least – held this baby at the E3.

The actor, whom you might know from The Walking Dead, continues to work together with Hideo Kojima, but without the involvement of Konami. He held a baby in that reveal video. Or, two, to be more exact. We’re talking about two robotic babies, called Lu#1, and Lu#2. Knowing Kojima, these names might be some clues… Perhaps the child in the trailer is going to be the savior of the dying nature? Are there more problems with the Earth (if the game is set on our planet…) than what we believe?

Despite all the questions, at first sight (?), Death Stranding can become an outstanding game in the future. Even Kojima himself says that it is far from release, so who knows when this title will be available on PlayStation 4 and PC?

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