The Warriors TV Show Coming from Captain America Directors

MOVIE NEWS – The very same movie, which Rockstar PS2 game adaption is on PSN now,  will have also a TV show adaptation thanks to Paramount TV and Hulu and the Russo Bros. Yes, we are talking about the 70s cult thriller The Warriors.

The Warriors was a 1979 cult classic and it was to be expected, that it’s going to get a remake any day. It is actually happening, but in form of a TV show. Fortunately, it appears to have some fan favorite directors behind it: the Russo Brothers, who directed both Captain America: The Winter Solider and this summer’s Captain America: Civil War. They are teaming up with Paramount and Hulu to get the Coney Island Warriors on the small screen in weekly doses.

The Warriors will be a one-hour drama that reimagines the original movie directed by Walter Hill. That movie was based on the seminal coming-of-age novel by Richard Price. According to Deadline, the show will honor the original storyline, while bringing in the Russo’s ‘unique brand of grit, pulp, sex and violence.’

Writer Frank Baldwin will be helping with scripting duties on The Warriors, working alongside the Russo Brothers on each episode. Right now, there are no directors attached. As Joe and Anthony Russo got their start in television, directing episodes of Arrested Development and Community before moving into the Marvel Universe, it’s very possible that they will direct at least one episode of the show, perhaps even the pilot, before moving onto The Avengers 3 later this year.

The original The Warriors movie was set in New York during the late 70s when deadly gangs ruled the city, each one staking out their own piece of territory. A man named Cyrus hopes to unite the gangs, but he is killed at a giant rally in the heart of the city, and the Warriors from Coney Island are blamed. The gang is forced to go on the run, and spend the night trying to survive as they head back to their home turf. It isn’t known if any of the original cast, such as James Remar, Michael Beck, Deborah Van Valkenburgh or David Patrick Kelly will return in some capacity.

Along with directing Avengers 3, which will revolve around the Infinity War storyline, the Russos will also direct Avengers 4 directly following the completion of that Marvel movie. They are also producing a number of high profile projects, including Fox 2000’s Space Runners, 17 Bridges at STX and a remake of The Thomas Crown Affair for MGM. The Warriors is being produced by Paramount TV alongside The Russo Bros. and Gateway Productions. Lawrence Gordon, who produced the 1979 original, will be back to oversee this version of the property. It isn’t known when The Warriors will debut on Hulu.

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