Everything You Always Wanted to Know About PlayStation 4’s 4.00 Firmware Upgrade…

Sony officially revealed some details about the upcoming 4.00 system software update. Let’s see what the new firmware, codenamed Shingen, will offer us.

The user interface received a facelift: new system backgrounds, a revised What’s New tab, redesigned system icons, and updated popup notifications arrive with 4.00.

By holding the PS button down, the Quick Menu pops up, which also got an overhaul. It takes a smaller segment of the screen – you don’t have to quit the game to access it, and you can also customize which functions do you want to see here as well.

The Share menu also became smaller, while it also remembers which social network site you used last time to share screenshots and videos. The Twitter videos’ limit length was raised from 10 to 140 seconds.

Organizing your content will be easier. You will be able to create folders to access your favorite games and apps easier. The Purchased tab will show everything you have bought so far, including everything from apps to betas you were participating in the past. Because of this change, Games and Applications will only show the currently installed items. You will be able to order them by install status or purchase date, plus you can look for everything via text input search.

You can look at trophies offline, and with the help of a new button, you can reveal hidden trophies’ names and information (but it’s turned off by default!). Their icons also changed.

User profiles got a facelift as well, allowing you to see relevant information (as well as backgrounds – you can set them for yourself!) quicker. There’s also a quick comparison allowing you to see who is the better in trophy hunting.

These are just a few updates – there are even more, which aren’t part of the beta. The 4.00 firmware will get more information, including its release date, in the coming weeks. (Our guess would be the end of September.) The beta – according to Europe’s PlayStation Twitter – starts today!

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