All The Details We Know About Mafia III’s Post-Launch Content

2K detailed how Mafia III (developed by Hangar 13) will get expanded after its October launch.

There will be free bonuses, such as new character outfits, a gold weapons pack 30 days after launch, vehicle customisation, and entry into races that can earn you things like more car customisation options, and a bunch of other rewards. That’s all we know about the free DLCs.

What about paid DLCs? There will be three of them, and you can get them via the Season Pass, or buying the Deluxe or the Collector’s Edition of Mafia III in case you don’t want to buy them separately.

The Deluxe Edition will contain the base game and the Season Pass for 80 dollars. The 150-dollar Collector’s Edition will also have the game’s soundtrack on two vinyls (the second one will have the original music composed for the game), an art book, two art prints, Lincoln Clay replica dog tags (remember, he’s a Vietnam War veteran), and drink coasters.

Back to the DLCs. Faster, Baby! will see Lincoln partner up with Roxy Laveau to take care of a corrupt Sheriff who’s been making trouble for Civil Rights activists in New Bordeaux. In Sign of the Times, Father James (one of our mentors) will ask Lincoln to investigate ritualistic killings. In Stones Unturned, Lincoln joins CIA agent John Donovan (our other mentor) to settle a blood feud that was born in the jungles of Vietnam.

If you buy the DLCs separately, you would pay forty bucks, but you can save ten if you buy the Season Pass for thirty. The game will launch on October 7 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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