Jim Ryan Explains Why The PlayStation 4 Pro Can’t Play 4K Blu-Ray Discs

PlayStation‘s global head of marketing also talked about the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro.

Sony is an electronics company. It’s what we do; we’re good at it. We’re good at sourcing components. We’re very happy with the price point; we make money at the price point, and we always do our best to get the hardware out there at the best price.” – he says. It makes sense: if they don’t lose money on each single console, the demand will make or break the success of the PlayStation 4 Pro. When the Telegraph asked him about the lack of 4K Blu-ray disc support, Jim Ryan‘s response was the following: „The pricing of the PlayStation 4 Pro was one of some factors. It’s positioned primarily as a gaming device. Every design decision is taken with the gamer in mind regarding specifications, functionality, price and various features. All of those things combine with our view that we want to future proof ourselves and increasingly the trend of consuming video content is from streaming services.” (This is the reason why YouTube and Netflix are working on new apps for the PS4 Pro.)

Regarding 1080p TV-s and PS4 Pros connected to them, he says „The PlayStation 4 Pro is primarily a 4K device, but it offers benefits to owners of standard HDTVs. Principle among which is upscaling to 1080p. So if your game runs at 720p and you have a PS4 Pro, it will upscale to 1080p. The platform is what the developer makes of it; there are a variety of other ways developers can make use of PS4 Pro’s power in a non-4K environment and make the game look better.”

So Ryan‘s comments mean that they chopped the price, but they couldn’t include a 4K Blu-ray support. Yeah, but he also seemed to forget that you need a decent internet connection as well to stream 4K videos…

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