R-Handle – We Have Never Seen A Gamepad Like This Before! [VIDEO]

The Russians’ creativity can reach unexpected levels sometimes…

The R-Handle wants to combine the PC and console controls: it doesn’t want to be a keyboard and mouse, but it doesn’t stop at around 10-12 buttons either. According to its designers, this monstrosity would use our entire hand instead of just our fingers. We can see why they think so: the R-Handle has at least 25 (!) buttons… as well as a D-Pad, an analog stick, and a bulky grip segment on its right. (You can see how big the R-Handle is in the videos below.)

The Nesmeev brothers, Alex and Eugene, think the conventional controllers will be less impractical than now as virtual reality gains more attention, not to mention how they don’t give the players total control.

We cannot buy the R-Handle yet, but the Nesmeev duo is considering crowdfunding it. How successful will it be, and how much will it cost?

r handle controller

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