Destiny 2: Goodbye, Console-Exclusivity?

New, serious rumors surfaced about Bungie‘s game.

The NeoGAF forums, also here, as well as Kotaku, wrote about Destiny 2 in detail, saying how it would be entirely different from 2014’s original. For starters, the sequel would drop the prev-gen consoles for a PC port, as it wouldn’t have a different architecture like the Xbox 360 or the PS3. This change means the PlayStation 4 (Pro?) and the Xbox One (Project Scorpio?) would be the two targeted consoles next to the PC. Cross-platform? It’s unlikely, especially considering that the keyboard and mouse would be more precise than the controllers.

Destiny 2‘s development would be handled by Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios too, not just Bungie. It would be entirely different from the first game to not be looked like just another expansion. This change might see the current content disappear, replacing the current locations with new, active ones. Interaction with NPCs? Queueing for quests like in WoW? The new plot (focusing on Cabal and Saturn) would also bring in new characters, too.

The release date is still likely to be 2017, but if the rumors are true, we may not see Destiny 2 out next year… unless Activision rushes the development.

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