Is Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare Set In The Modern Warfare Universe?

A discovered easter egg is making this theory possible.

On Twitter, Blade_151 found out that the Retribution Space Warcraft Carrier is referred to as SWC-141. In Modern Warfare 2, we had a group called Task Force 141, which also played a role in the third installment as well. Tying the two dots together is as easy as 2+2 – the same number used in Infinite Warfare as in 2009’s (and 2011’s) Call of Duty can’t be a random occurrence. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, though.

While we’re talking about Modern Warfare, we learned how much the Remastered version of the 2007 FPS would take on PlayStation 4. 39.18 gigabytes, although you can begin playing after 10.61 gigs downloaded. As pre-orderers can play the campaign from October 5, and the multiplayer isn’t available until November 4, the launch of Infinite Warfare, the download seems to include the online component as well.

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