The Last Of Us Part II: Ellie Will Be The Protagonist In The Plot Co-Written By Westworld’s Writer

Hate will take over love in the sequel.

It was expected to see Naughty Dog finally reveal The Last Of Us‘ second installment after the developers have been concepting a few prototypes behind the scenes. The reveal came at the PlayStation Experience. We learned a few new details.

First off, Ellie will be the main protagonist. Neil Druckmann did not talk about whether we can take control of Joel later or not (coop game?). In the first The Last Of Us, the roles were reversed: we mainly controlled Joel, and Ellie was only playable for a short period.

Bruce Straley will not be directing – he was working together with Druckmann to make sure that Drake’s sendoff will be as good as it can get. Sony‘s statement says he finally got a well deserved time off.

The writer will not be just Druckmann: Westworld’s writer, Halley Gross confirmed on Twitter that she would help with the writing.

The first signs are ominous regarding The Last Of Us Part II – keep it up, Naughty Dog!

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